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Welcome to the Rother Neighbourhood Watch website.

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Edward (Ted) Kemp and I am the chairman of Rother Neighbourhood Watch. Firstly I would like to apologise for us not updating this websites since three years ago when I was first appointed as chairman owing to the amount of work that was needed to bring RNHW into the future.

My Webmaster Chris Ashford and I decided to make the new websites a lot better than in the past. Over the last three years we have made many changes, like changing the street signs by adding Rother to make it a personal sign for our area, And with the help of the Police and crime Commissioner Katie Bourne who kindly donated some money that helped us purchase a new yellow gazebo with the logos of the Rother Neighbourhood policing Team, the Crime Commissioners and of course the Rother Neighbourhood Watch. We also bought tables and information boards. Over the last two years we have been giving talks at clubs around Bexhill on operation signature. This entails showing two DVD`s on scams and talking on how to stay safe in your homes.
We do not charge for giving talks, but I am grateful to the people that invite us for generously giving a donation to go towards our funds.
We are the only Neighbourhood Watch in England that gives a privilege card to each member. This entitles a discount from traders that support us in Rother. As an example Bentley`s steak house at 12 Western Road and Athena`s gives our members 10% discount on showing the discount card. Going into 2017 we will hopefully be visiting shops and firms around Rother to update the privilege card. 

Many of the residents of your community may already be members of an existing Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and receive newsletters and regular e-mail updates. However, schemes do not currently operate in all areas. Having a Neighbourhood Watch street sign or a sticker on your door or window does not necessarily mean that you are a member.

To enjoy all the benefits of the Rother Neighbourhood Watch you need to register with your local street or area scheme. If you do not have a local scheme, please talk to your neighbours, and perhaps set up a new one and enjoy the benefits including the Privilege Card. You can also speak with our Chair who will help you with this. Closer liaison with your local policing team either directly or through your Co-ordinator in the Neighbourhood Watch schemes have proved invaluable in the reduction of crime and the fear of crime, so PLEASE join us and help others as well as yourself.

The benefits of joining the scheme, which is FREE to all, include: o helps to reduce crime and the opportunities for crime o reassuring those who live in the fear of crime o increasing the awareness and vigilance of residents

* closer liaison between Police and residents o encouraging community spirit

* being able to participate in local and main area meetings

* an NHW sticker to place at front and/or rear of your home

* regular NHW bulletins, some outlining crime in your area and crime prevention advic

* a comprehensive Crime Prevention Pack including leaflets on home, car and personal security

* access to discounts in regard to household contents with most insurance companies

* access to discounts via a Privilege Card system which operates in the area

* receive local information and alert bulletins from the local Police

Please Note--Your household insurance could be seriously affected if you have declared that you are part of a scheme and thereby obtained a discount. If you wish to take advantage of the new features now being offered you will need to re-register.

Contact by email: Chairman@rothernhw.co.uk

What is Neighbourhood Watch and how does it work?
Neighbourhood Watch is made up of small groups of volunteer residents in towns and cities around the country.
It is run by the residents for the residents.
Members look out for signs of crime in their own neighbourhoods, and share that information with each other and local police.

They follow basic rules and guidelines set out by the national organisation, and they work closely with their local police force.
If you join Neighbourhood Watch, you will get to know your neighbours.
You'll pay attention to the cars normally parked on your street, and to which of your neighbours is having work done on their house.
You might even know which of your neighbours is away for any length of time.
Using that information, you're more likely to know when something unusual is happening, or when something just doesn't look right.
By keeping an eye out for your neighbours, you can help police stop crimes from happening.
We are aware that many of you in the communities that we aim to serve already receive some of the crime reports and advice via emails from the community contact service.
However, whilst that may give you an overall picture, it does not enable access to the many benefits available to registered members or those planned for the future.

These benefits include the free Rother Neighbourhood Watch Privilege Card which is supported by many local businesses offering exclusive offers and discounts plus lower premiums on home insurance from most insurers.
Many local businesses from butchers to leisure outlets offer a range of discounts and special offers exclusively for card holders and the list is growing all the time.
There has never been a better time to join Neighbourhood Watch or if no scheme exists in your area, set one up, it's an easy process with full assistance and support from our committee.

Think about it, all neighbours looking out for each other can only help to reduce crime and the fear of crime.
Preventing crime isn't about 'curtain twitching', it's about creating a caring community by merely being aware of and reporting suspicious activity or something that you feel is unusual in your street, increasing home and personal security by taking advantage of available services. 

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